Roman Blinds


Roman BlindsGive your room practicality & luxuriousness of a curtain!

Simple yet sophisticated, roman blinds in Kilmore are the way to get a look of pure luxury and elegance. Their soft fabrics provide beauty and style to your home. They have a smooth and layered look, which is often complemented by ornate pleated folds. They bring a comfy and welcoming atmosphere to any room. They come with beautiful and soft pleats, and the design has stood the test of time. They stack up into a neat, pleated stack which lies flat against the window. When lowered, they create a stylish and clean template for your home.

Why Hello’s Roman Blinds?

  • Gives a classy and elegant look to your home
  • Timeless design and elaborated pleat
  • Variety of colors
  • Wide range of plain and textured fabrics
  • Easy replacement clip and slide ring system
  • UV treated to withstand the harsh sun
  • Lightweight lowers the overall weight
  • More comfortable to lift and lower

The fabric is stable, which ensures no shrinkage or distortion, and it comes with added insulation and controls the light. You can choose from the standard cord operation. It also brings easy lift changes, affordable motorization, and heavy-duty cord lock. It combines multiple blinds in a simultaneous process. The extensive ranges of finishes also include braids, tassels, fringes, and trims, which add to the elegance of the look. You can customize your look by adding a soft scarf finishes across the bottom of the roman blinds. You can also coordinate the fabrics and add the other custom made items. You can also match the trims with your curtain seams to add a softer luxurious look.

The roman blinds are priced in various ranges. Since they are made of delicate fabrics and come with beautiful designs, the price is usually higher compared to the other forms of blinds. The roman blinds can be made in any color. Hello Blinds specialize in customized Roman Blinds, which offer a wide range of plain as well as textured fabrics to suit your interior style. The Sheer Roman blinds are durable, and they provide block out. They are a practical way to decorate your windows if you want an elegant look for your home.

At Hello Blinds, blinds come with a motorized control, which helps you to operate the blinds with the help of just a button. They are quite easy to operate and provide insulation for your home. The seamless and tailored finish leaves no trace of visible joins. Hello Blinds come with a timber headrail for the added strength and durability.


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