Plantation Shutters Melbourne


Plantation Shutters MelbourneMake an elegant addition!

Plantation Shutters are made of real wood having an everlasting freshness and a new look every time one lays eyes on it. At Hello Blinds, our plantation shutters in Melbourne have survived the test of time with their beauty and elegance, creating a fresh, minimalist aura for your home. They compliment your interior décor and provide more than sufficient ventilation and works as a light controller for your home.

Why our Plantation Shutters?

  • Originally crafted from natural timbers, composite timbers & aluminum
  • Made to suit the various shaped windows
  • Modern design to make them perfect for your sleek home décor
  • Concealed Tilt and adjustable louvers with seamless, minimalist & contemporary finish
  • An ideal choice for a sound and thermal insulation
  • Provides UV protection for your furniture
  • Easy for using and cleaning purposes

The plantation shutters in Melbourne range include various types from timber to aluminum. Aluminum is, of course, by default, the best choice as it is light, durable, and ductile.

Its evergreen properties also ensure the durability of the shutters. Basswood, however, offers a more natural and stylish alternative if you are looking for plantation shutters price at a comparatively lower rate. The Fully Framed Hinged Shutters can be adjusted for all types but are best suited for medium and small windows. The Sliding Shutters are full and have open areas, which are an excellent option for sliding doors. The Bi-Folding Shutters are considered to be versatile and are best suited for your modern home decor to create a more spacious look. They satisfy most of the window widths and heights without any problem.

The sleek clear view option and concealed tilt have no visible control. It helps to adjust your plantation shutter from the center or have them offset. They are thus best suited for the modern-day décor. Our plantation shutters in Melbourne are not only stylish and perfect for your sleek home décor but also induces durability, which proves that they stand the test of time.

At Hello Blinds, we offer an extensive range of colors, which also includes the option of custom colors. We provide options for self-designing your shutters and fix them to fit any sized windows or doors. We make our products with care to ensure higher sustenance.

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