Panel Glide


Panel Glide An ideal solution for light control!

Panel glide blinds are unique and considered to be a contemporary alternative for the Vertical Blinds. They are stylish drapes used for interior decoration, and the fabric comes with great shade and light control and provides a perfect minimalist environment to your home. Panel glides are more suitable for sliding doors and larger windows and can also act as an ideal room divider.

Why our Panel Blinds?

  • Easy to use
  • Choice between free-floating and individually adjusted
  • Light control and privacy
  • Variety of layouts, colors and multiple channel systems
  • Child safe wand
  • Extensive range of block out

Panel glides create a simplified and relaxed view of your household, which is perfect for informal areas. Our panel glides are easier to use and move to fit your required option. They shift in sequences in one gliding action. You can even customize your Panel Glides to include two to five panels.

You can alternatively choose between free-floating and individually adjusted glides, whichever meets your criterion. With us you can customize your Panel Glide Blinds to have two, three four or five panels.

We let you choose from a wide range of fabric and colors for your Panel Drapes to help you create your own dream home. These blinds can be shuffled amongst each other on a single track. Sliding panel blinds for doors that help you create a full and fantastic frame for open areas. The panels can be stacked together from left to right, and thus it is easy to move as and when required. Alternatively, these panel guilds can even be split into two so that half of it is on the right and the other half on the left — our offerings range between a traversing wand and cord to control your Panel Glides. Panels are usually more suited for bigger windows or sliding doors, but the size may vary accordingly. Hence you can select your size of glides. You can create your unique design of Panel glides from a variety of sizes ranging from 300mm-1100mm with standard increments, which are available depending on the width of the panel glide.

The panel glides can be recess or face fitted, which allows them to be installed either outside or inside the window frame. Face fitting enables the customers to stack the panels of the window if there is space to maximize the view outside your window ultimately. There are sliding panel blinds to fit the requirements of sliding doors. It adds to the minimalist beauty of your home. They are available in various layouts and multiple channel systems. These suits the different window sizes. The panels can be stacked up together on one side, either left or right or even opened in the center if they are to be split on each side of the window.

The various operation options include a cord or easy to use suits and child-safe wand. We provide an extensive range of block out to our customers, and the sheer fabrics are available in a wide variety of layouts, textures, colors, and patterns. You can choose from amongst a variety of Track colors that are available in many shades, including white, blue, & silver.

They coordinate with Roller and Roman Blinds. You can mix and match the colors, textures, fabrics to get the look of your dream house. You can even choose different patterns for different windows. Be sure to select the right products to coordinate with your panel glides.


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